Please send me your Christmas Wishlist!

I'd love to hear what inventory features are most important for you and your business.

It's been an amazing 2020 for Inventory Now!

We released several new features that have been requested over and over again by the community, like:

 - a native Mac OS app
- dark mode
- invoices 
- multi-image support

Now it's time to plan out some exciting new stuff for 2021.

What features are you most interested in for Inventory Now? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
- integrations with online store platforms like eBay, Shopify, etc?
- Pay with Bitcoin
- Create Menus or collections of items that can be shared
- In-App Credit card integrations to collect payments 
- Customer Management
- In-Stock Reconciliation
- Product Tagging
- Cleaner UI for Point of Sale mode.

Thank you so much for your thoughts! I look forward to hearing them and continuing to build Inventory Now to meet your needs.